Season 1, Episode 9 - Showing The Flag
When you have cholora and beri-beri , and your wife is having congress with best friend , it does not stop your house from catching fire

Season 2 , Episode 3 - The Natives Are Revolting
If you have to eat humble pie , make sure you have plenty of jam on it

Season 2 , Episode 4 - Cabaret Time
A House with red lamp over door is not always headquarters of communist party

Season 2 , Episode 8 - The Night Of The Thugs
If you see two eyes looking at you in the dark this is not always a tiger.
It could be two one-eyed tigers.

Season 3 , Episode 1 - The Supremo Show
If you're pushing a lady on a swing who's singing in high voice , you must be carefull that the swing does not come back and hit you , or else you'll also be singing in high voice

Season 3 , Episode 3 - Bang Goes The Maharadja
If you have something hissing in your trousers it's not necessarily a snake

Season 3 , Episode 4 - The Grand Illusion
If a man wishes to rise to great hights he can do it just as easily on his knees as standing up

Season 3 , Episode 5 - Pale Hands I Love
When the heart is full it is time for tears , happiness is as the butterfly , if you can catch it in your hand you must either let it fly away , or keep it and watch it die

Season 3 , Episode 6 - Don't Take The Micky
There is no merit in doing real dirty sneaky trick unless one is real dirty sneaky man

Season 4 , Episode 1 - Monsoon Madness
When the monsoon breaks and the rain comes pouring down , those who practise yoga by standing on their head are in great danger

Season 4 , Episode 3 - A Fate Worse Than Death
If your lady love stays out all night and returns home the next day on a snow-white horse , do not blame her , a snow-white horse has no idea of time

Season 4 , Episode 4 - Ticket To Blighty
If you want to get your ticket out of the army , it's no use going down to the railwaystation and asking for a half price fare.
Remember , a whole sailor doesn't make a half soldier

Season 4 , Episode 5 - Lofty's Little Friend
If you see an elephant wearing a necklace of coconuts this does not mean it is an feminine elephant , it could be a roman-catholic elephant

Season 4 , Episode 6 - Flight To Jawani
When the great bull elephant has loved his wife it's a really bad time for the hyppopotamus

Season 4 , Episode 7 - We Are Not Amused
If you are giving a lecture on history make sure you get your facts right.
Otherwise you may have to eat your words , and this would give you terrible hiccups
, because history has a habit of repeating itself

Season 4 , Episode 8 - Twenty-One Today
Yesterday was bad , today is worse , but tomorrow that will be good , because tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life

Season 5 , Episode 1 - Front line Entertainers
If you kiss a thief , count your teeth

Season 5 , Episode 2 - Bridge Over The River Hipong
If you see a small elephant boy sitting beside very large dead elephant crying his eyes out , this does not necessarily mean he loved the elephant , he may be crying because he has to bury it

Season 5 , Episode 3 - The Pay Off
If you are crossing a river do not be suprised if the monkeys in the trees throw nuts at you , afterall what can you expect if your trousers are full of bolts

Season 5 , Episode 4 - Puddings From Heaven
Because a goat has a beard , this does not mean he is a high priest

Season 5 , Episode 5 - The Superstar
If a man wishes to win fame and fortune by climbing to the stars , he better make sure that there is someone underneath holding the ladder

Season 5 , Episode 6 - The Eternal Quadrangle
A man should never trust a woman , because a woman never trusts a man