Episode Role Actor
Episode 1 - Meet The Gang Inspector Singh Nik Zaran
  Rickshaw Wallah Ashwin Patel
Episode 3 - The Mutiny Of The Punka Wallahs Inspector Singh Nik Zaran
Episode 5 - The Jungle Patrol District Commisioner Geoffrey Lumsden
  Game Warden Mohammed Shamsi
Episode 7 - The Road To Bannu Tribesman Rafiq Anwar
  Station Master Ishaq Bux
  Rangi's Mother In Law Zohra Segal
Episode 8 - The Inspector Calls General Jeffrey Segal
Episode 9 - Showing The Flag Welfare Officer Barry Sinclair
Episode 10 - Down In The Jungle Fortune Telling Wallah Ishaq Bux
  Pilot Tariq Yunis
  Restaurant Owner Mohammed Shamsi
Episode 11 - The Natives Are Revolting District Officer Renu Setna
Episode 12 - Cabaret Time Cafe Owner Talat Hussain
  MP Officer Arnold Peters
  Cook Bobby Dennis
Episode 13 - The Curse Of The Sadhu Sadhu Minoo Golvala
Episode 14 - Forbidden Fruits Daphne Waddilove Evans Margaret Courtenay
  Lyng Soo Yasuko Nagazumi
  Major Waddilove Evans Michael Moore
Episode 15 - Has Anyone Seen My Cobra? Tailor Renu Setna
Episode 16 - The Night Of The Thugs Historic Monuments Curator Minoo Golvala
Episode 17 - The Supremo Show The Supremo Richard Grant
  Doctor Ahmed Khalil
Episode 18 - Mind My Maharajah Maharajah Renu Setna
  Maharajah's Servant Ashwin Patel
  Intelligence Officer McDonald Hobley
  Intelligence Officers Deputy Cy Town
Episode 19 - Bang Goes The Maharajah Maharajah Renu Setna
  Maharajah's Servant Ashwin Patel
Episode 20 - The Grand Illusion Company Sergeant Major Sharp David Lodge
  Magician Minoo Govala
  Bookreading Wallah Saad Ghazi
  Watch Wallah Rudolph Ramillo
Episode 21 - Pale Hands I Love Lyng Soo Yasuko Nagazumi
  Lyng Soo's Father Robert Lee
  Black Scorpion Cho Hong Vincent Wong
Episode 22 - Don't Take The Mickey Barman Talat Hussain
Episode 24 - Kidnapped In The Khyber Daphne Waddilove Evans Frances Bennet
  Pathan Leader Sultan Lalani
Episode 25 - A Fate Worse Than Death Daphne Waddilove Evans Frances Bennet
  Pathan Leader Sultan Lalani
Episode 26 - Ticket To Blighty Chief Commander Crisp Mavis Pugh
  ATS Warden Bernice Adams
  Nurse Andrea Godfrey
Episode 27 - Lofty's Little Friend Cyclist Mohammed Shamsi
  Lumberjack Azad Ali
  Elephant Vicky
Episode 28 - Flight To Jawani Basil Tim Barrett
  Martin Robin Parkinson
  Buster Freddie Earlle
  Matt Hal Galili
  RAF Airman Jeffrey Holland
  Control Tower Officer Talat Hussain
Episode 29 - We Are Not Amused Collins Peter Greene
  District Officers Deputy Patel Jaron Yaltan
Episode 30 - Twenty-One Today Mailman Bobby Dennis
  Sword Salesman Ishaq Bux
Episode 31 - Frontline Entertainers Australian Colonel Edmund Pegge
  Okker Peter Cartwright
Episode 32 - Bridge Over The River Hipong Dr. Rahn Mohammed Shamsi
Episode 33 - The Pay-Off Me Thant Burt Kwouk
  Captain Owen Norman Mitchell
  Soldier Gordon Kaye
Episode 34 - Puddings From Heaven Nangle Jonathan Cecil
  Bishop Robbert Gillespie
  MP Captain James Taylor
  Dhobi Wallah Saad Ghazi
  Indian Trader Ishaq Bux
Episode 35 - The Superstar Pilot Officer Digby Tim Barret
  Ormanroyd Jeffrey Holland
Episode 36 - The Eternal Quadrangle Village Head Man John A. Tinn
  Thin Yu Fiesta Mei Ling
Episode 37 - The Stars Look Down Zimmerman Ed Bishop
Episode 38 - The Big League Referee Mohammed Shamsi
Episode 39 - The Great Payroll Snatch Me Thant Burt Kwouk
Episode 40 - The Dobhi Wallahs Officer Denys Hawthorne
Episode 41 - Lead Kindly Light Reverend Burgess John Quentin
Episode 42 - Holidays At Home Medical Officer Michael Bevis
Episode 43 - Caught Short Militairy Police Derek Martin
Episode 44 - That's Entertainment Major Grant Peter Cellier
  Major Forset Jim Perry
  Gordon Highlander Martin Cochrane
  Gordon Highlander Robert McIntosh
  Mr Patel Renu Setna
Episode 45 - The Guinea Pigs Colonel Bridges Rikki Fulton
  Captain Webb Michael Bevis
  Captain Hudson John D. Collins
  Corporal Dennis Bond
Episode 46 - Dog in The Manger Captain Tollemache June Whitfield
Episode 47 - The Great Broadcast Dennis Forbes Dobson Robin Parkinson
  Record Player Geoffrey Beevers
Episode 48 - Class Of 1945 Brigadier General Glyn Houston
Episode 49 - Star Commando's Brigadier General Henry McGee
  Commando Iain Rattray
  Supply Officer John D. Collins
Episode 50 - Gloria's Finest Hour Officer Dennis Ramsden
Episode 51 - Money Talks Brigadier General Eric Dodson
Episode 53 - The Last Warrior Major Parkinson Nicolas McArdle
  MP Corporal Gordon Salkilld
Episode 54 - Never The Twain Shall Meet Kunwar Pulhara Renu Setna
  Village Headman Ali Baba
Episode 55 - The Long Road Home Garage Owner Ishaq Bux
  Medical Officer John D. Collins
Episode 56 - The Last Roll Call Customs Hall Officer Arnold Peters
  W.V.S. Lady Brenda Cowling
  MP Corporal John Benfield
  Demob Centre Supervisor Bill Pertwee
  Demob Centre Supervisor Jeffrey Segal
  Pay Corps Captain John Oxley
  Station Room Waitress Stella Tanner